A Changing World. So Much More Than “Friends”

John Matterson
2 min readJul 5, 2021

Change is endless. As our cells constantly change, so do our thoughts and emotions. Yet, many people still have a desire to hold on to their perception of the past. Change is an opportunity to look at the world in new and better ways — to challenge our own thinking while looking for a better way.

Years ago, I wrote a blog about always seeking better ways in business. It was directed at Sales Reps that thought they knew it all and weren’t open to new ideas. Similar thoughts come to mind today when I meet someone clinging to the past and talking about the so called “good old days”.

Terry Moore — in his Ted Talk from 2005 entitled “How to Tie your Shoes”, provides a great example of “you’re never too old to learn”.


I admit I am still using the “wrong” method. I have tied close to 100,000 granny knots in my life. Outside of the first 50 or so, it has required no conscious thought.

Having Parkinson’s, I am happy that I can tie my shoes at all, but in rediscovering this video, I gave the proper method another try. Tying my shoes while thinking turned out to be more of a dexterity challenge than I expected. For the rest of you, I still recommend giving the correct way a shot.

Change, including social change, is inevitable, so we might as well change for the better. This is not a generational issue unless you are referring to each generation’s responsibility to seek out and drive positive change. It is happening. We just need to accelerate our learning to make it happen faster.

Sure, there will always be people stuck in their ways spouting mistruths as they try to hold on to “the way it has always been.” But even most slow adapters eventually get on board.

Looking back at some societal changes during my lifetime, it is remarkable how we have transformed.

Many Canadians protested these changes at the time, but now they are accepted openly by the majority.

Change continues.

When we look back 30 to 40 years from now, which of today’s societal norms will have changed?

This past Canada Day I observed a new level of support for First Nations. I heard and read more positive stories in support than ever. It can’t happen quickly enough, but I am hopeful we have built some momentum in striving for First Nations Equity.

Next time you are tying your shoes, try doing it properly to remind yourself that you are part of a changing world. A world in need of your support.

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John Matterson

I am a writer that happens to have Parkinson’s. I write about my experiences with a balance of humour, optimism and honesty.