Golf. Good for Parkinson’s?

John Matterson
2 min readJun 26, 2021

Yesterday, before heading to the golf club I had written a blog on how well Parkinson’s and Golf go together. I almost hit “publish” but decided I would do one more edit when I got home. It’s a good thing I waited.

Parkinson’s has thankfully taken away some of my sense of smell because my golf game stinks. Not only couldn’t I hit the ball straight, but on the 12 thtee (after missing a two foot put on 11), my watch alarm went off to remind me to take my pills. I was standing over my ball on the tee at the time, so I shut it off. I would hit first. I proceeded to hit a shot that was so forgettable that I forgot to take my pills. It took me 5 more holes to figure this out at which point my game, that was already bad, only got worse.

It was completely stupid of me to think I could still golf. The holes are so long that I am hitting 3 woods on my second shots. Whoever sets the flags is evil. I can’t keep my hands still, and you put the fricken flag on the edge of a precipice. The rough is too deep. Are all those trees really necessary? What a stupid game.

Sorry…, my phone keeps ringing. I better get that.


“Today at 2pm?

“Sounds great! See you on the first tee.”

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